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The Devil is a young girl dressed in a red raincoat, wearing sneakers to match. It seeks only one thing: to become all of someone.
Would you sell your soul to become one with darkness?
Read up on our review of Nicholas McCarthy's latest feature film, AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from In Order of Disappearance, screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival last night, you should never take life, or death too seriously.
Find out our thoughts on this delicious piece of black comedy.

There once was a song about a fighting teddy bear…And now it’s a movie.
How well did Noboru Iguchi's rendition of Nuigulumar Z do at The Fantasia International Film Festival? Find out now!
My beautiful mermaid girl @evalajoie <3 (at Allô Mon Coco Centre-Ville)
strawberry crepe flambé × (at Allô Mon Coco Centre-Ville)
i love you, my muddy warrior ♡
#toughmuddermtl (at Bromont Airport)
#popupperrier  (at PARISIAN LAUNDRY)
so cool last night at #popupperrier

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Hold on, Netflix has just the job for you!
I never thought this was real till I saw it myself.
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